Your Thoughts or Questions?

By Lindsay Gullingsrud


For the past year, the Demand the Change Blog has been serving as a tool to help individuals and communities mobilize for prevention and to move from awareness to action.  Together we have unpacked the world we live in and examined the messages that surround us.  Whether we like it or not, these messages frame our perceptions of reality in terms of what’s helpful and what’s harmful.

In the spirit of prevention and social change, this blog is about creating dialogue and ideas for action so that each of us can begin to demand the change.  Now, we want to hear from you.  What do you want to learn about?  What questions do you have that is related to sexual violence?  Have you seen something in the media or read an article recently and would like it to be addressed on this blog?  OR has a conversation come up in other forms of social media or your life and would like it to be highlighted on this blog to learn another perspective?

We want to hear from you.  Post your questions or topics as a comment here or on our Facebook page so that we can continue the conversation and tell a different story.


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