30 Days of Demanding the Change: Day 18

Contact your local school to help them understand their role in preventing sexual violence.

In the school setting, adults have a responsibility in creating a safe and healthy environment for young people to learn and grow.  Part of this responsibility means being aware of the warning signs so that adults can know when to intervene and stop the harm a young person may be experiencing either in school or in their own home.  Another part of this responsibility means having the skills to model messages that counter the currently sexually toxic and exploitative culture.

Modeling healthy boundaries and equitable relationships is one way to counter the sexually toxic and exploitative culture.  Young people learn healthy boundaries when there are adults around to model the behavior.  Learning healthy boundaries and respect for another person brings us one step closer to gender equality and ending sexual violence.

Ask your local school what policies are in place to support the adults responsible for modeling and maintaining a healthy, caring, and nurturing environment.

Inspire a change of heart by demanding the change in the way we approach policy.  Together we can support each other in demanding the change.


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