30 Days of Demanding the Change: Day 15

Choose to demand the change or inspire a change of heart when you see examples of the normalization of sexual harm.

You can demand the change when:

You’re checking out of a store and see fun gifts to give people.  One of the gifts includes a kit titled Pimp My Office Cubicle.   You can choose to demand the change by writing on a comment card or speaking to a manager.  You can say that you are part of an effort to demand the change that is focusing on preventing sexual violence in Minnesota.  Ask them to stop carrying products that make prostituting women and children a cute, fun joke or decorating scheme.

You can inspire a change of heart when:

You’re at a family gathering and your cousin says how much he needs to get laid – or easier yet pay someone for it.  Even when everyone laughs, you can inspire a change of heart.  Tell your family that even though the comment was meant to be funny and no one meant anything by it, it still isn’t okay.  Inspire a change of heart and mention that you are part of this effort to increase awareness about how so much sexual harm gets normalized in our society.  This normalization is part of what gets in the way of really preventing sexual violence.  It may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Maybe, must maybe – you might inspire at least one person in that room to have a change of heart.


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