30 Days of Demanding the Change: Day 12

Take a moment to educate others on the sexual objectification of women with our state sponsoring a team for the Lingerie Football League.  Tell them this is NOT part of Minnesota sport culture.

Yes that is right; Minnesota is now part of the lingerie Football League.  The official name for this team is the Minnesota Valkyrie.  In Norse mythology, a valkyrie is one of a few female figures who decides who dies during battle.  After battle is over, the valkyrie will choose half the slain soldiers and bring them to the afterlife where they spend eternity preparing for future battles.  Choosing a name like this for a female football team seems almost epic, right?  Sounds like this would be a team that is strong, determined, and ready to beat any odds.  Then why is the female football league requiring these athletes to play in their underwear?  What does lingerie have to do with sports?

Sports are a serious business.  In fact, it wasn’t until 1972 when Title IX made it official for women to have equal access to athletic programs.  This is what set the stage for the professional female athletic teams we see today.  There is no doubt that women are serious athletes.  So why would we sexually objectify these women?  Are their strength, determination, athletic skills only appreciated and considered a form of entertainment when they are in their underwear?

Let’s support our women and take them seriously as athletes by demanding the change and not support the Lingerie Football League in Minnesota.

You can demand the change AND create a change of heart by:

  • Action: Write the stations and/or sponsors that are supporting this about how this sexually objectifies women and creates a sexually toxic environment for all Minnesotans
  • Action: Speak up when you hear others say “it is no big deal” or “it is just for fun” or “this is an opportunity for women to show their athleticism”.
  • Action: Post a statement on your social networking site about why you won’t watch or support and encourage others to do the same.
  • Action: Take a headline or picture about it and include it in your presentations.  Encourage discussion as to why speaking out against this is related to sexual violence prevention.

 You can demand the change to where female athletes will be treated and respected as athletes-just as male athletes.  Let’s create a change of heart for Minnesota athletes.


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