30 Days of Demanding the Change: Day 11

Encourage adults to be mindful of the attitudes and behaviors they display in front of young people.

It is normal and natural for children to look to the adults in their life for to understand the difference between boys and girls.  Part of developing an identity includes finding answers to questions such as, “How are we the same?” and “How are we different?”  Children find answers to these questions through the verbal and nonverbal communication they see around them.  Hearing sexist jokes/comments or seeing examples of rigid gender roles contribute to children learning and then mimicking such inequalities.

It is our role as adults to help young people find healthy answers to questions that are grounded in gender equity.  When gender identity is developed based on equality and not at the expense of another person, we can raise a strong generation of individuals AND narrow the gap of inequality between genders.

You can inspire a change of heart and by doing so participate in demanding the change for our future generations.


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