30 Days of Demanding the Change: Day 9

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and address how your community has become normalized to the sexually toxic environment.

As we work toward changing the social norms that foster sexual violence, it is important for communities to be engaged in this process.  Your local news media is an effective way to reach groups of people in your community with information and resources.  Local media plays a vital role in shaping social norms.  With their involvement, there can be a shift toward increasing awareness, changing attitudes and influencing behavior to start changing the harmful social norms that promote sexual violence.

Encourage your local newspaper and community to demand the change. Help your community start making links between social norms to the attitudes and behaviors that foster a sexually toxic environment.  Understanding the attitudes and behaviors that foster sexual violence brings us one step closer to preventing sexual violence.  Once we expose the sexually toxic environment, we all can work together to demand the change and replace these examples with an environment that is healthy, nurturing and equitable.

You can demand the change, and by doing so inspire a change of heart in your community.


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