30 Days of Demanding the Change: Day 8

Spend today looking within.  Take a self-inventory and find out how you have been influenced by the environment.

We are influenced by our environment everyday.  The environment shapes our attitudes, values, and behaviors.  How we value people is shaped from the images we see as well as the messages we hear.

We learn from a young age about power and privilege- not to mention who has it and who doesn’t.  It starts when young boys are taught to not throw “like a girl”.  It also starts when girls are called “Tomboys” if they are interested in sports or trucks over dolls and tea sets.  It continues when young people learn how to interact with one another based on what is modeled by adults.  It also continues when young people learn about beauty, sexuality, and what is “sexy” from the images that are embedded in our environment.

Adults are not immune to the environment.  Our attitudes, values, and behaviors have also been influenced.  We have been shaped from a young age on what it means to be a “boy” and what it means to be a “girl”.  As adults, many of us have internalized these narrow definitions of gender.  This prevents us from modeling examples of gender equity and/or embracing the continuum of gender.

Spend today evaluating how you have been shaped.  What messages have been given to you throughout your life?  What did your environment teach you?  How has that shaped your identity and your relationships?

Take action today!  Take a self- inventory and Demand the Change by creating a Change of Heart within yourself.  Once we become aware of ourselves, we can take a deeper look at the environment that creates and maintains the demand for these rigid gender roles.  We can Demand the Change on how we understand and reinforce power and privilege and by doing so create a Change of Heart.


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