30 Days of Demanding the Change: Day 7

Take a closer look at the influences in your environment through social media.

Social media is becoming an effective way to express personal opinions as well as broadening your sense of community.  Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs are just a few online forums in which we stay connected or even build new online friendships/followings.  Social media is also changing the way we disburse information out to our “communities”.

While social media can serve as a catalyst for positive change, it can also be a method for individuals/groups to sexual harm, exploit, and profit from another person’s pain.

Spend today looking at how the social media you use reinforces an environment that is supportive of sexual violence.  Look at how people choose to respond to an article addressing sexual violence.  Do they support the victim?  Do they choose to dehumanize the victim?  Take a look at a forum addressing gender equality.  Do you see supportive comments?  Or do you see a large amount of comments that degrade, sexualize and dehumanize?  What are your friends posting on Facebook?  Are there comments or posts supportive of healthy sexuality?  Or do you see posts that sexually objectify women?

When you see this happen, do you take action or do you roll your eyes in disgust-but choose to ignore?  Choose to Demand the Change today.  By challenging such comments we can Demand the Change in our environment and by doing so-create a Change of Heart.


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