30 Days of Demanding the Change: Day 6

Take an inventory of your environment and watch for messages that influence a culture that fosters sexual violence. 

Part of Demanding the Change is to be able to identify the sexually harmful, abusive, exploitive or violent messages in our environment.  One place we are inundated with messages is through our media.  Spend the day watching for the messages you see.

Watch your favorite program with a critical eye or listen critically to your favorite radio stations and conversations throughout the day.  Watch and listen to how objectifying women has become part of everyday life.  Start noticing how women are referred to in conversations or the names that are given to them such as “bitches and “whores”.  Watch for images of women and notice how they are portrayed in contrast to men.  When we live in a society that allows women to be seen as inferior, it becomes easier to treat them with less respect and ignore their well-being.


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