30 Days of Demanding the Change: Day 2

Spend the day focusing on how and why violence has become normal in our culture and the ripple effect this has on sexual violence.

Violence is all around us.  It is portrayed in the music we listen to, the movies we watch, and even used as a marketing strategy to sell products.  Violence has become so normal that it is a form of entertainment for our enjoyment.  When violence is viewed as part of our everyday life, we become desensitized—we start allowing it to be tolerated and accepted as normal.

The ripple effect is that it interferes with our ability to express empathy toward the individuals who are experiencing violence.  Instead of focusing the attention on the person who chose to inflict harm, we start focusing our attention on the person who experienced the harm.  For example, the last time you heard about a sexual assault case, did you wonder what the victim did to be in that situation?  Or did you wonder what made that person think it was acceptable to sexually violate the victim?

Spend the day thinking about how you view violence.  When you see violence, how do you react?  Has the normalization of violence interfered with your ability to express empathy at times?


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