A Frog for Prevention?!

What does a leaping frog with a heart on its belly have to do with prevention of child sexual abuse? 


Glad you asked.

For a long time there has been interest in a collective effort to build a stronger movement for prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation in Minnesota. This is far from the first attempt and past attempts have not been sustained.  Since the early years of attention to prevention we’ve learned many things:


Social change is not easy – it takes passion, tenacity, creativity and broad based collaborations.

The only certainty we can expect is with engrained social norms, there will be push back when we start creating substantive change.  Together, we need to hold our ground and know our rights to demand a change for children!


Talking about thorny issues like sex and sexual abuse is not easy for many people.

By emphasizing on what we are learning from studies and demonstrating how to talk about it, we will change that-we are changing that!  The fact is, many people want accurate information and examples on how to talk about this.


In the effort to be research based and build the capacity of the professionals in the field, we cannot forget the power of voices of experience and the critical nature of staying child centered.

The frog is child friendly. Some people may be afraid of frogs but generally speaking, this frog makes you smile, right?

The heart on the frog builds on our ability to inspire a change of heart in others and in systems.

The frog is LEAPING.  How do we show action?  A leaping frog!


Prevention needs to be solution focused. Solutions need to:

Not be frightening – which pushes people away;

Too overwhelming – which numbs people into inaction rather than inspiring them into action.

Make it very clear prevention is possible and we need to show how easy it is to get involved and make a difference;

Avoid focusing in on an individual case – which might get sympathy for an individual victim or rage toward an individual perpetrator, but it doesn’t help people understand this is all of our issue.  It doesn’t inform how we all can mobilize for social change and push for public health.

Use stories that show successes large and small when individuals, organizations, communities, policy leaders, etc. stuck to their values, leapt forward for prevention and demanded a change for children.


Take a leap forward for prevention yourself!  Join us by participating on February 29th.  Click here for more information on how you can Demand the Change for Children: Leap Forward for Prevention.

We have been hearing for months on how individuals as well as agencies are taking action to Demand the Change for Children.  Together, let’s show Minnesota those numbers!  Let’s flood our social networking sites and show that Minnesota wants to see an investment in and attention to the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation!


So what you can do today as well as on February 29th?

  • Sign up to show your support.
  • Encourage family, friends, and colleagues to sign up.
  • Use your voice, your wisdom and your passion to post on your own social networks why you believe in prevention!
  • Use the logo and a link to the website to spread the word.
  • For more information see: www.demandthechangeforchildren.org;

And plan to bring a large group to the April 28th rally the morning of Saturday, April 28, tentatively planned for at the Mall of America.


Yours in Passionate Dedication to Prevention Action,

Cordelia Anderson


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