Remembering Peter Benson

By Cordelia Anderson 

Peter Benson passed away on Oct. 2, 2011. Grounded in positive human development, Peter passionately worked to help kids realize their full potential. Since 1985, as president of Search Institute, Peter initiated research and community outreach programs that are now being used around the globe to help youth thrive.

One way to honor Peter is to continue his world renowned work.  Peter felt strongly about the power of authentic relationships for discovering and nurturing the sparks in others.  He believed change happened when others catch on and embody the vision.

Demanding the change for children is the perfect way to honor the world renowned work of Peter Benson, Search Institute.  Peter’s big ideas include:

  1. Developmental assets (
  2. Healthy Communities, Healthy Youth
  3. Sparks and Thriving

We can all help support his vision in our work to Demand the Change for Children and to Inspire a Change of Heart in those we are trying to nurture along as champions for prevention.


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